School Nurse & Family Worker

Our school nurse is Alyson McGachen and she can be contacted on 01353 725565.

School nurses are specialist practitioners who work closely with pupils, parents, carers and teachers, offering support and advice on a range of issues from obesity to sexual health. They provide a link between school, home and the community to benefit the health and wellbeing of children and young people. The school nurse functions as both health promoter and health educator, and works in collaboration with teachers, youth workers and counsellors. They play a vital role in children’s development, carrying out immunisation and screening programmes, managing medical conditions and acting as a point of contact on child protection issues.

Basically they can deal with anything from anxiety, bed wetting to eating problems. Anything that may worry you as a parent. If they can not help they will certainly point you in the right direction of someone who can.

In addition, Michelle West (our family worker) will be in school to talk through and offer advice and information on positive parenting and managing behaviour.

21st September 9-11am

17th October 9-11am

16th November 1-3pm

12th December 9-11am