Downham Feoffees School Curriculum

May we present the brand new Downham Feoffees Primary School curriculum for September 2015. It was written by DFPS teachers, based on the Government's Curriculum 2014 Programmes of Study. Needless to say, large parts of the curriculum will look fairly familiar - after all, maths is maths, science is science - but an examination of the finer detail will reveal actually quite a few changes.
We hope our new curriculum will give your child a fun, challenging and perhaps more joined-up education. Where possible, lessons will draw from multiple curriculum areas. However, it will take a bit of time for all the connections to be made and for all of the subjects to fit together, so the curriculum you see is one that will evolve over time.
In time, the curriculum will also be presented on this site in a way that will allow you to search by year group. Meanwhile, please use the menu to browse over the different subjects. Please read our Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy, found in the policies section, to see the kind of teaching and learning we promote here at DFPS. It includes our principles for assessment along with lots of other key information.